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Users do not have a personal privacy right in any information, data or communications (including email and voice messages) created, transmitted, received or stored on Parkland Health & Hospital System's (PHHS) communication systems and equipment. All network users should employ PHHS's communication systems and equipment solely for business purposes.  Unless expressly authorized to do so by the Office of the CIO, all network users must refrain from transferring anything to or from the Internet or any public network using PHHS's communication systems and equipment. PHHS, at any time, may access, monitor, audit, intercept and disclose any such communications, data or information, whether or not they relate to PHHS's business.  Consequently, PHHS's communications systems and equipment should not be used for any personal business or communications you wish to keep private and confidential. ParkNet is owned by PHHS and is reserved for the business purposes of PHHS and its campus partners, employees and other authorized agents.  Any unauthorized access or use of ParkNet is forbidden and may result in removal from the ParkNet system, as well as in criminal prosecution, disciplinary actions and/or termination of employment.